Tuesday, November 29, 2016

For the Working World

Oh, man. Please click here and watch this video from ATTN:.

This is absolutely, 100% true. You don't know how many students I've had come back from the high school and tell me how good it was for them. It's incredible with insane opportunities that you don't get on many college campuses.

But I also have so many students come back and tell me of the difficulties they've had because they live in a place where so many people are academic superstars and they just don't feel that way, or that they struggle to keep up with everyone else, not because they aren't skilled, but because they aren't skilled in the right way.

This shows how it could be if everyone got the opportunities that are appropriate for their skill set. I am all for this as a teacher.


Anonymous said...

We completely agree with this video. Bob, along with the Indiana State Lawn Care Assoc. has started working with area high school counselors to try to get more vocational training back into the system. In our particular industry there is such a shortage of well trained people. Our industry requires licensing, exacting use of chemicals, etc, but sadly there is not a steady stream of qualified applicants. Often the applicants can't pass state license testing, or have driving issues, etc. that won't allow them to advance. They might be able to treat lawns but not drive a truck, diagnose turf or tree diseases and so on. It is indeed a growing problems for employers.

Jeff said...

I think it's safe to say that, not only does one size not fit all, but one size SHOULD NOT fit all for the good of the economy.