Sunday, November 27, 2016

Checking It Twice

This week, as normal, we will have to have a pretty packed week. We will have to do a little bit of space science, Social Studies, a hearty helping of BizTown, Math, some quotations, Caesar's English, and writing like crazy.

I have one group doing a book club, everyone else working on something else for reading, and everyone will also owe me a reader's response in their journal this week.

This week, we will have a quotation marks quiz on Wednesday (not very long), and then on Thursday, we will have a check-writing quiz (we are going over all of this in class) and a Caesar's English quiz.

Don't forget that on Friday, we are going to BizTown! ALL of the students should look professional that day, as if they are really reporting to a day at the office.

FYI: Tomorrow after school, I have a staff meeting, so don't look for a post early on. I have a busy night as well, so it may be late tomorrow night before I get a post up. 

Talk soon. Everyone have a great week!

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