Monday, November 28, 2016

A Busy Day At the Office

Today we discussed the following from the laundry list:
  • Procedural Speeches: I told the kids I wanted them to all have three ideas for these by Wednesday. The speeches will be given during the last week before break (December 12-16). I sent home the rubrics with the kids this afternoon. 
  • Science: Today--okay, honestly, during the last twenty minutes of school--we talked about the moon phases, and we will discuss them more tomorrow. Anyway, as you saw from the kids' homework tonight, it involved looking up the moon phase today and filling it in on the homework page. 
  • Writing: Today in class, we also collected the kids' writing projects as much as possible and started to make them coalesce into individual chapters. We will be typing them up this week and next during our time in the computer lab. 
  • Caesar's English: As you also saw tonight, the kiddos received a new list today for a quiz that will be given this Thursday. Make sure to study with your child a little bit each night, because Thursday will be here before you know it.
  • Check-Writing: We have been practicing check-writing like maniacs over the last several days. Well, except for today. Today we had no time. Tomorrow, however, we are going to make the time to practice this (and deposit slips and check registers) more tomorrow and Wednesday. This is in preparation for BizTown. In fact, we are even going to have a quiz on Thursday regarding check-writing. 
I hope everyone had a great day, and looking forward to a great (and full) week ahead. 

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