Wednesday, August 10, 2016

There Is Always Struggle; There Is Always Triumph

First things first: I had fun today finding out things that I didn't know about these kids. Even the ones I already knew. The Bio Bag assignment is one of the best things I ever figured out. It's definitely not an original Mr. Carter idea, but it is a wonderful thing that helped all of us learn more about each other. We split it into a couple parts to make it more do-able.

Secondly, I shared with the kids today how much I struggled when I was in school. I struggled with school quite a bit. You should ask my former teachers and my parents. I told them all that they are not going to have any difficulties this school year that I have not been through. I was so thankful to have a high school teacher and then many college professors who taught in a way that opened my eyes and made me realize I am smart.

Finally, I really hope that all of my former students have had a great start to the school year. I always get nervous for you starting at Clay, starting at the high school, and starting in college. I have received a few emails from "kids" starting college in the past couple days that have broken my heart. You are going to do great. The homesickness will pass in a couple days, and your best times are just ahead of you. 


Nik Brink said...

Ella LOVES her class this year. I remember the college "home sickness" and I also remember it takes couple of months to get into a groove and meet people. After that triumph college is wonderful! Good luck to everyone (in Mr. Carter's class and all his former students)! Make it a great year!

Jeff said...

I was just telling my class about how much fun they are. It's going to be a great year. And yes, once you meet people, that makes all the difference in college.