Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shadows Are Getting Longer

Well, today was the end of both the State Fair and the Olympics. This evening I sat on my parents' deck to celebrate my niece's birthday and we didn't sweat to death--in fact, it was downright nice outside. Dare I say that we have signs that summer is nearing its end, at least in the figurative sense? Yes, we are nearly a month away from the autumnal equinox which will mark the literal end of summer, but maybe the summer is starting to pack it in, or at least it's starting to think about it. 

Anyway, we have another full week ahead of us, and here's what we have. On Friday, we will have our first states and capitals quiz (six states...not too shabby!), a spelling test that same day, and then either a quiz or the chapter 1 test on Friday as well. Don't worry, I let them use their Mathcabulary books every time. I just need to check with Mrs. Stemnock and Mrs. Loeffler about when they are giving their tests for math--I need to stay about the same as them now that I'm teaching fifth grade math. 

I'll keep you updated throughout the week as always.

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