Monday, August 22, 2016

It Runs In the Family

This is a personal shout-out to my aunt, Bobbi Carter. Aunt Bobbi received the Teacher of the Year award for Frankfort School Corporation in Frankfort, Indiana. She teaches English and Composition and Literature and all those good things. She received this tweet from Indiana State Superintendent Glenda Ritz because she is in the running to become the Indiana State Teacher of the Year.

It's dangerous to get us started talking when it comes to all things education. It's obvious from talking to her that she cares deeply about her students, and supports them in and outside the classroom. She's also a funny lady, a wonderful aunt, and is can do a mean dance to Abba's "Dancing Queen."

It almost makes me want to go back and take a literature class from her. 

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Bobbi Carter said...

Thanks for the Shout-Out, Jeff! Can't wait to come read with your students. Love you, tons, Sweet Nephew of Mine.