Saturday, August 27, 2016

Silver Lining

During the big tornado storm of last Wednesday, I was originally in a curriculum meeting with other teachers in the library. Of course, we moved to the back of the library, which is a storm shelter. Being teachers who know full well that ending this meeting would just mean postponing it and having to have it again later, we simply continued our meeting while being sheltered from nature's fury outside.

This was before I had to answer nature's call, and had to make my way to the bathroom. In turn, that's where I spent the rest of the afternoon. As promised that day, here is a picture I took as we rode out the cataclysm.

I think Mrs. West would be really impressed with the composition and perspective of this piece. I think I may have to enter it into an art photo contest. I'd call it "Bathroom Floor from Perspective of Mouse."

On the serious side, Mrs. Davis let my class know yesterday that Woodbrook collected about $500 for an elementary school in Kokomo. The cash was still coming in yesterday when she visited us, so it's quite possibly more than that. Woodbrook is a great community, and I'm really happy and feel extremely rewarded to be a part of it.

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