Monday, August 29, 2016

Some Things Just Aren't Worth the Trouble

Today, Mrs. Wischmeyer came in to read to the kids about worrying. Personally, I usually find most students either worry too much or too little. After Mrs. W left, I shared with the kids about the things I used to worry about--some were worth it (like when I didn't do my homework) and some weren't, like the things that are beyond my control and aren't really that big a deal in the end. Hopefully this visit helped the kids find some kind of balance, whichever side of the middle they were on.

We welcomed Miss Sami into our class this morning. She introduced herself to my math class, since that's the group with which she will spend the most time.

Lastly, our homework for tonight was to do their spelling definitions, read 20 minutes, and study for their math test tomorrow!

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