Thursday, August 25, 2016

Doing What We Can


Woodbrook is going to have a dollar day tomorrow!  All students and staff are asked to bring in $1.  The money raised will be given to an elementary school in Kokomo that was impacted by yesterday’s monstrous tornado.

I will get the name of the school and provide it to you but I wanted to ask you to start getting the word out to your students.  I will send a message to our families.

Thank you and glad everyone is safe today-


This is an FYI. This is a good call, and Kokomo is just a few miles up the road from Carmel. --Mr. C.


The cafeteria will be starting up the Food Rescue on Monday August 29th. Please talk to your class about this before coming to lunch. We can only accept unopen milk, fresh fruit, and packaged item that have not been opened. The food is donated to Hamilton County food pantries helping families in need. Thank you for your help it is truly appreciated.

Kindergarten, I would like to come to your classroom today or tomorrow and explain this to your students. Please let me know a good time to visit.

Thank you,

Bev Allen

This doesn't affect you at home, but we received this email today as well. I will talk to the kids about it. This is a good thing because not everyone eats everything. Thanks, Mrs. Allen! --Mr. C