Monday, May 9, 2016


This is the 2000th post on Mr. Carter's Dojo. I didn't even realize it would be number 2000 until I posted last night and the little ticker said 1999.

It also dawned on me that this blog is now ten years old. I started off by barely ever posting anything at all, and then it really took off within the last five years, so I would have to imagine that if I keep going at this rate, we will be at number 4000 in less than ten years. But still, ten years got me to thinking.

This morning I gave the kids a writing assignment:
In ten years, you will be about 20 or 21 years old. Many of you will be juniors in college. Maybe you are starting your own businesses or are already working at that point. In 50 words or less, where do you want to be ten years from now?

Sure, it's trite. But my hope is that when these kids are all grown up, that I will be able to send a reminder out to them to check this out.

In ten years I would like to be working on my medical degree and get done with Purdue. I would love to get a scholarship for both places so I don't have to pay my way in. If I do, then I would cry so hard.

In ten years from now, I want to be a lot of things. The one I want to be most is a baker. I want to be a baker because I have been baking since I was very young. I want to open my own bakery and it will be called Karli's Colorful Creations. That's what I want to be when I grow up.

Ten years from now I would like to be in a good college. When I get older I know I want to work with kids. Whether it would be as a teacher, a babysitter, or a pediatrician. Whatever happens in the end, though, I just want to be happy.

Ten years from now I want to be in a good college. And I want to have a good job that I enjoy. I would also like to travel and see new parts of the world.

I would like to be at college in 2026. I would want to have a small or medium sized job. I would want my job to be something I like. Maybe open a small business. I hope my first job is at an ice cream shop or something good. This would be my ideal life.

Audrey: I hope you're at Purdue becoming a vet right now. If not, be at Ball State or Notre Dame for architectures. Horses, are you still with them, because you better be! Pete and Nova who I lease right now; I hope you own a horse. Stay in school and eat food!

I want to be a gymnast at Florida State majoring in business. I want to be in a good financial position because I want to open up a gymnastics gym. When I graduate, I want to run a marathon. Also, I would like to go on a mission trip.

In ten years, I want to be a vet or a Youtuber (I am already a Youtuber). I would study and I would go to Purdue or IU. I would also like to be an artist.

Working at Actavision because they make a lot of games and get to test some new games, and be a Youtuber because you get to do a lot with your fans.

In ten years, I would still be in college working on my medical degree because I want to be a pediatric surgeon. That's a person who works with kids and does surgeries on kids. I'd love to get a scholarship to Harvard Medical School and graduate from there. If I do graduate from Harvard and become a successful surgeon, I'd like to make my own business for kids who cannot afford healthcare.

I want to go to Purdue and graduate and become a soccer player, engineer, or a sports announcer.

I would like to be at IU or Purdue studying or becoming an engineer or a vet. Also, maybe I could be a journalist or author/illustrator.

I would love to be an MLB player. I'm not really saying I have a chance, but I hope I can at least play in high school or college (Purdue). My role model is Anthony Rizzo. He's a nice and clean player and I want to be just like him. Go Cubs.

I would love to be a veterinarian because I have a dog that is my best friend and she gets sick a lot and I know how it feels when my dog gets sick and I want to make sure other people and their dogs are very healthy just like my dog.

I want to start on my first important chemistry experiment and I want to start making a blueprint of my new lab where I work.

In ten years I want to be in the robotic engineering business. I don't care if I'm living in an apartment at the start of my job. But I want to live in a house when I have the money. I want to have an inspired life. I want to have a good family. My life will be amazing.

I hope I will be at Taylor University and be working on my Masters degree in nursing. I hope I will have a cupcake shop and be a missionary for my church and I hope I get to visit Europe or the United Kingdom and I hope I'm still alive.

I will probably be in Purdue or being an engineer, life fixing cars or making cars. And hopefully I will graduate. Oh, and hi, Future Scott.

I would want to be at IU or Purdue trying to become a teacher and also playing the stand-up bass. (The instrument.) I would also like to have a nice roommate and would like to have good grades.

In ten years I will be 22 and I want to be a police officer because I am sick of all people breaking the law and I want to help keep my home safe and possibly stop incidents before they happen. If you're reading this, I want to help protect you.
I want to be in college studying to be a vet or a reporter of some kind. I will have a very nice teacher, I hope like Mr. Carter [Thanks, Mackey! --Mr. C]. Then after college I want to have my own business if I am a vet. If I am a reporter, I would want to be a sports reporter.

In ten years, I want to be the right fielder or catcher for the Cubs.
Well, there you have it. I hope all of your wishes are surpassed, guys. You all deserve awesomeness.

Here's to the next ten trips around the sun. 


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We can't find Graces....

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