Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hit Them With the Musical Chairs

This afternoon I was able to get a few shots of the choir show today, but sadly, while I did try to get a few of the proper choir, they all came out upside down. If only I knew how I got the one from our Gleaner's day to get rightside up, I would be able to show you a great choir picture.

But at least I got a nice one of the Orff Ensemble. I didn't get either of the conga lines, but I thought this was a pretty good one.

We also spread some love to Nurse Barb today--one day late. Sorry, Nurse Barb! We did our best to make your day one day late. Also, I apologize that the other sign didn't quite turn out the way it should have--some of 5-1 was a little too hyped up after the big show and decided it would be better just to run around instead of work on your posters. Don't worry, though, they didn't get to play Silent Ball as a result!

This was another crazy day in 5-1, and really, we did get to read the rest of the One Hen story in our Crab Books and the Reading Further in our red hardback books--and yes, that is the kind of sentence that really only makes sense if you speak Area 51, so you may need to ask for a translation.

All in all, not a bad day. I know it was kind of a long one for all the folks in choir and Orff, but hopefully everyone got their bookmarks done and managed to study for the spelling test tomorrow also.

It's the big Kindy 500 tomorrow! Once again, Area 51 has been asked to be the helpers...more to come!

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