Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The News This Hour

  • The permission slips for the Adopt-a-Reptile campaign have been handed out. The kids bid farewell to their lizards today, and their tears watered the terrariums for the final watering.
  • Homework tonight includes a meaning exercise for spelling, 20 minutes of reading, a study link for math, and let's not forget to study for the big science test on Friday! 
  • The kids have a sign-up to be a host/hostess/server for the Woodbrook Pizza Night fundraiser on May 10 at Mellow Mushroom. If your child can "work" for a half hour shift sometime between 5-7 that evening, have them sign up on the whiteboard in class tomorrow. We need to know who all is available by tomorrow, so that Mrs. Fleming (Grace's mom) can choose a student at random from each homeroom. If your child is chosen, they can also bring one friend to work with them.

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