Sunday, May 8, 2016

Revolution Means a Circle

Well, it's been a little while. I apologize. It's been a pretty crazy few days in school, but I would have to say that we've gotten quite a bit worked out as we go spiraling toward the end in just a couple weeks. Doesn't seem possible at all. 

On Friday, we made some Mother's Day gifts (check your child's backpack if they didn't give it to you) and took the big Science test. So Happy Mother's Day to all Area 51 moms out there!

We also said goodbye to our chameleons, and at the end of the day, they all went home to good homes. I hope they will live for a long time. Some of the terrariums that came in looked pretty fancy, so I'm sure they are going to love their new digs.

By the way, Track and Field Day is on May 19, which is a Thursday. I am looking for a parent or two to volunteer for that day. I know I won't have any trouble finding them, but at least last year I waited until the last minute and came close to not having one. Of course my butt was saved at the last minute, but I'm hoping to get it saved earlier this year. Let me know if you will be there that day and could head up a clipboard for the morning. More to come!

And while I will be sending home some individual thank yous this week, let me say how honored I felt all last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. From the gifts all week, the lunch on Wednesday, to the grill-out from the principals on Friday along with the cabana treatment while I ate it--it was truly the most pampered I've ever felt during this week. You all are the best!

FYI, we have a staff meeting tomorrow after school, so if I don't get a post up while the kids are practicing their radio dramas (which I just realized I forgot to mention), then I will post something by the end of the night tomorrow. Talk soon!

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