Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Only Thing Needed To Get Through the Storm

First off, I loved the letters I received today. It's probably a good thing that the morning is such a rush that nothing can really sink in, because I may have honestly been in tears as I read them. I assure you all that I will go home tonight and read them. I have a binder at home where I put notes like that from students, and they still hit me right in the heart even years later. I appreciate all the gifts I receive from my students, but honestly, a heart-felt letter like those means a whole lot more.

Tomorrow, look for a permission slip to come home regarding the bringing home the anoles. I will only give them to kids who say they are allowed to bring one home, but it will outline the supplies you would need if you do want to welcome a new lizard friend into your home.
  • Spelling 3x each
  • Read for 20 minutes
  • My Math class has Study Link 9.9
Have a terrific Tuesday afternoon!

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