Sunday, May 22, 2016

For What It's Worth, It Was Worth All the While

Well, we have a pretty crazy next few days coming up with trying to get everything sorted out for the talent show, rehearsing for the fifth grade graduation, working in a movie day somewhere in there, and about a thousand little bits of minutiae that we need to get accomplished before we ram right into the wall that is this Wednesday afternoon.

Our tests are done, all assignments have been turned in, and we are otherwise golden. But the minutiae... cleaning out the junk-drawers of the school year. I would compare it to cleaning out your bedroom before going to college or sorting through a house to sell it after you've lived in it for 40 years. It's cleansing and brings back many memories and yet can be very emotional for some of them. Many of your kids have been at Woodbrook for most of their lives at this point, and 5-1 has been a family for the past ten months.

I'm not even really sure what our schedule is for the next few days, to be honest. I have a vague idea, but it's sure to be full of surprises.

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