Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Do Or Do Not; There Is No Try

Although I did have a number of students today wearing Star Wars t-shirts, I never did get a picture of them. Luckily Mrs. McNerney, first grade teacher, posted this one of her students on Twitter. We have a few First Grade Buddies in there, so I think this is close enough to a May the Fourth picture from 5-1.

Today we also had a visit from the middle school (in case the students still had any "unasked questions" from their multiple visits to Clay...?), which turned out to actually be an okay thing, because I got to see two former students. Ty Harrington and Meg Shaffer both came back to talk to the students from the first-hand point of view from Clay. It was great to see them both. I got to teach them both in either math or homeroom for two years in a row.

Both of those kids came into Area 51 as legacies--I had Meg's older brothers and Ty's older sister, so I remember both of these kiddos since they were just kindergarteners. Still love them both.

I hope you all had a great May the Fourth. I will see you all tomorrow.

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