Thursday, April 14, 2016


His name is Zach, and if today told me anything, it's that he is one of the most-liked students in a class full of extremely likable students. What can I say about Zach? He loves to invent, create, and tinker. I have no doubt that he could have a future as a big world-changer with his crazy ideas. As I was cleaning out my desk one day, I found a whole pile of random items that I gave to him, just because I wanted to see what he would do with them. He also loves babies.

One thing I really appreciate Zach is that he has a heart for all students in the class--not only the people he hangs out with after school. He just really loves people for who they are. I think his appreciation for all people is probably what makes all people really like him too. It's hard not to.

Happy Birthday, Z. Sorry your post is going up so late, but at least it will be date-stamped with your birthday. I hope it was a great day. You deserve it!

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