Monday, April 25, 2016

The Hottest Topics That All the Teens Are Tweeting About

Today is yet another day with a staff meeting after school so that I can keep up with all of the hottest educational topics.* Thus, I will give you a little something right now. The kids updated their terrariums today, removing some of the grass and adding in some natural hardware to see what happened. We also had a little bit of a conflict inside one of the cages, but luckily it was quickly remedied.

We concluded the English/Language Arts part of our ISTEP test today, so one down and...oh, who knows how many more to go? Okay, I just now checked. We have three more to go.

I hope all of your kids get outside to play tonight, because all the homework they have is 20 minutes of reading. Don't forget to be filling out your reading logs, kids!

*Hopefully your kids will understand that reference.

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