Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Taste the Rainbow

I have a few bullet points for this morning.
  • I will be out this afternoon, just in case you try to get hold of me during that time.
  • Friday, all fifth grade students are supposed to wear green for Earth Day. I realize we just had Green Day last week, but hopefully it won't hurt the kiddos too bad to have another day of green. In fact, I'm hoping that my whole classroom looks like a great big field of fresh grass. 
  • ISTEP keeps plugging along (or should I say plodding along?), and the kids are all being real troopers. It's quite a relief that most of them are staying healthy--I remember this time last year, I had about a third of my students absent due to a pandemic stomach bug. 
  • Don't forget that this Saturday is the big Color Run right here at the WB starting at high noon. I'll be there throwing paint powder on everyone who runs by me. As always, be there and be square. 

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