Monday, April 11, 2016

These Colors Do Run

I hate indoor recess. The best people are trying to play a game of "silent" ball, and everyone else is glued to their electronics.

Now on to better and brighter news: The Woodbrook Color Run is on April 23, and it starts at noon. This is a free event for the community. The event takes place entirely on Woodbrook's property. It is a 2-mile untimed walk/run, and the runners and walkers will be hit with colors at each of the six color stations. This started a couple years ago, and it's a fun time every year. You are strongly encouraged to register on the Sign-Up Genius before race day, but you can just be a walk-in participant as well. Children do all have to be accompanied by an adult, though. Oh, yeah, and don't forget to wear white clothing for the event.

It was good to see so many people wearing blue today, and keep in mind that tomorrow is GREEN DAY.

Have a good one!

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