Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Wild Contained

Well, today we covered writing intros and conclusions, how the colonies won the Revolutionary War, and we made our animal habitats for our critters, and we went to the library.

The kids have vowed to be much more on-task tomorrow during Science, because otherwise, they will get the joy of watching me take care of the animals all by myself, which won't put any of us in a good mood.

Here's tomorrow's homework:
  • Write an introduction for their papers. We worked on this in class today, so many of them may possibly have this finished. You will want to ask them about it, though, just to make sure. It's due tomorrow whether they are finished or not! 
  • Three times each for their spelling words is also due tomorrow.
Oh, and don't forget that tomorrow is Hike and Bike to School Day! If it's at all possible, get here that way tomorrow!

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