Sunday, November 8, 2015


Sorry for the late post, Grant, but I sure do hope you have had a happy birthday.

Grant is a great kid who works really hard to do his best every day. He is a good friend to so many people in the class, especially the boys.

One of my favorite things about Grant is kind of a personal thing, but I'm going to share it anyway. I tutor Grant's next door neighbor, and every time I'm there, he makes sure he is outside just to tell me hi, even though I just saw him an hour before. That makes me feel awesome.

Plus, he's a good Purdue boy, so of course that puts him in some pretty good light in my book. I'm really happy that I get to have him in my class this year, and I know his classmates agree.

Hope your birthday was fantastic, Grant! See you tomorrow, buddy.


Tammy Egger said...

Thanks for your kind words Mr. Carter! Grant was on cloud 9 after reading! Our children are extremely lucky to have such a thoughtful teacher and mentor! Thank you for all you do!

Jeff said...

Every word is true. Class wouldn't be the same without the G.

And thanks so much for the kind words. Kids like Grant make it a pleasure.