Sunday, November 8, 2015

Human Resources

Man, it seems like there is always more to share with you...
  • This week, around practicing for the Veterans' Day program and everything else, we will have to fill out our job applications and hopefully even make resumes for the interviews on Friday for BizTown. I will talk to the kids about how to dress appropriately for a job interview this week, so they will be all ready to go!
  • Speaking of the Veterans' Day program (there has been so little mention of it around here...), we will practice in the gym tomorrow and Tuesday and Wednesday before the big event. 
  • I put a bug in the kids' ears the other day about getting an idea together for a demonstration speech. This is something the other fifth grade classes have already done, but we are just now getting around to it. In fact, I told the kids to just be thinking about this in the back of their minds until after the Vet's Day program is over, because I don't want them stressing over it. But they will be coming up with something that they can demonstrate to the class, hopefully something they can show right there during class time. I will show the kids what I'm looking for--no food items, please--during class this week. 
  • I still have no idea what the results of the BizTown election are from the other day. I also made a proposal to Mrs. Shearman regarding the Student Council elections the other day, and I still have yet to hear back from her. Sorry about this! I am honestly still in the dark. 
  • I'm tired.

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