Sunday, November 8, 2015

Friday Night Throwdown

On Friday after school, I fulfilled a commitment at long last that I made last year. Grant (to my left) bought a karate lesson from me with his tickets, and I meant to get it in before the end of the school year. When that didn't happen, I told him I would do it during the summer at some point. Well, that didn't end up happening either. So now that it's November, we made an effort to actually get it done. I was really glad to do it, and to see both him and Ty (to my right) again. These are some great guys, and it was a privilege to take care of this one.

I think both of these guys have gotten taller since I last saw them at the Woodbrook Carnival! (Or it could be that my memory of that night are a bit fried, since I was still ice cold at the time from being in the dunk tank.)


tiffany said...

Thank you so much! They had a great time and really loved being able to see you and spend some time with you! You're the best!
Grant has been trying out his moves on everyone that will let him!

Jeff said...

You tell Grant that we need to get together in January or February to do a refresher course. You know, I have to make sure that the lessons stuck!

tiffany said...

Lol! Sounds like a good idea! He'll love that!