Friday, November 8, 2013

The Weight

Another crazy day for 5-1 is in the books.

We had a long practice with the fourth grade this morning for the Veterans' Day program on Monday morning. I'm looking forward to this in as much as is possible when you're kind of in charge. I have to admit that the major flow to this program will depend mostly on Mrs. Ratner. My job is done as soon as Woodbrook presses "play" on Monday morning, and then I pretty much have a 20-25 minute heart attack, and then it's all over. The one thing I can always count on, though, after twelve years already in the pocket, is that the kids always put on an impressive display of honor and respect for the veterans of the United States. I think we got the last of the kinks worked out today. It sounds really awesome with the fourth graders singing.

One major disappointment today was with how the elections for Biztown were handled. Call it sour grapes if you want, since none of the members of 5-1 were elected. But as we were singing the lyrics to "Here I Go Again On My Own" this afternoon, the results were brought in to me--while I was in the midst of dealing with a whole other crisis--and I was told that everyone else had already told their classes the results. This was within the last two minutes of the day. As the kids were filing out the door, I had to call over the three candidates (one for mayor, one for male DJ and one for female DJ) come over to let them know the regrettable results that none of them had made it according to the election. Let it be said, however, that all three of them made fantastic speeches and were given extra credit points in Social Studies for being a part of the electorate process. Well done to Katelyn, Fisch, and Mitch! You did 5-1 proud today.

Have the kids wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE on Monday! Can't wait to see everyone that morning.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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