Sunday, November 24, 2013

All the Roads That Lead Us There Are Winding

I've decided that instead of doing my normal boring bullet points, I'm going to deliver this one in the form of 1980's Stan Lee's Bullpen Bulletins. I apologize to everyone except for the one or two of you who will understand that reference. 

ITEM! The big biography cartoon project is due on Wednesday, December 4, 2013. I sent home the papers the other day. My apologies, it was in my substitute's plans to send those home on Wednesday, but evidently that didn't happen. The best laid plans and all...

ITEM! The kids' state projects will be delivered on either Tuesday or Wednesday this week. This is an entirely in-school project, so this isn't your worry. I'm just keeping you informed.

ITEM! Wednesday afternoon will be our Fall Parties. Thanks in advance to the parents helping out.

ITEM! We have been studying check-writing and economics in preparation for BizTown. The big trips is December 6th! Can't wait.

ITEM! We will be doing some book clubs between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break. I will assign the groups on the Monday following Thanksgiving. The kids will have to dole out their own schedule to get the books read by Winter Break. This will be three weeks. Assignments will be given to the kids throughout that time.

ITEM! We want to welcome Colton Brown, Ty Harrington, Berk Huckins, Meg Shaffer, Will Woodhouse, Izzy Herider, Erik Sveen, and James Sproull to our Math class. We are taking some of the brunt off of Mrs. Callahan's Math class and seeing as how we only had thirteen kids in our class before, we welcome them.

That's all for now, True Believers. More to come as always. Excelsior!

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