Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Green Light

Yes, I am making this post at midnight, but my brain is still firing on all cylinders and I need some way to burn up that fire. As a 5-1 class, we will have a lot on our plates this week. Here are some of the biggies in the clerical sense only:
  • Please make sure you get the kids' permission slips for the Palladium trip next week in as soon as possible. There's no deadline, but it will put my mind at ease if I'm not having to stay on the kids about getting those in to me, because if they don't get it in, we have to leave them behind. And have the kids dress nicely for the symphony. I'll let them know also, but I say we're going to not only the symphony, but also the Palladium. Come on. Look nice, for crying out loud!
  • As you'll find out tomorrow, the kids will have to have their Intent to Run forms in later on this week if they want to run for office (Mayor, Lawyer, or [guh...don't get me started on this one] Deejay) for Biztown. Of course, I'm not even going in to Biztown business until tomorrow, so this isn't something they will come home with until that time. 
I haven't been back in to the school since yesterday, but I did get quite a few papers graded over the weekend as well as more grades entered into the grade book.

Tomorrow could be a full-up crazy day of madness. But those can be the best ones.

Please let me know if anything comes up that you have questions about. 

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