Sunday, November 3, 2013

Primary Concerns

Okay, folks, here's the lowdown on this, the week of November 4, 2013.

I will not be there tomorrow, Monday, November 4. This was planned out before, it's for a doctor's appointment, and yes, I will be fine. I hate missing yet another day of school after having to be out last Friday from noon forward, and my hope is that my days away from the classroom are at an end for a good long while.

I have left a full load for the substitute teacher tomorrow. The kids should be taken care of as far as that goes. 

Here are some things I will go over with the class on Tuesday, November 5:
  • On Tuesday, we will go over the Veteran's Day program lines, students will receive their lines or their placement around the gym if they are the flag holders. We will have a chance to practice in the gym on Friday along with the fourth graders who will be providing the music. Also, I know for a fact that we will be able to get down to the gym a few more times during the week from 11-12 to set things up and test out the acoustics.
  • Also, on Tuesday, we will need to make invitations for the Veteran's Day program.
  • In addition to those items, we need to discuss the upcoming trip to Biztown. Kids come to this with many preconceived notions, and I want to make sure all of these ideas are put to rest before we start in on the lessons. This is a fun time of year, and I'm looking greatly forward to digging into these lessons. 
  • We will have Theme Test 5 on Tuesday. You can't very well study for these, and we spent three weeks preparing for it. If the kids pay attention, they should do just fine.
  • Tell the kids that yes, we will have the ticket exchange on Wednesday of this week. It is long overdue, but we have too much on our plate on Tuesday (the above in addition to our normal language arts block as well as Social Studies). 
This week's spelling list is all about homonyms:
  1. bough
  2. bow (as in "rhymes with now")
  3. groan
  4. grown
  5. ode
  6. owed
  7. peace
  8. piece
  9. choral
  10. coral
Yes, this is a fifth grade list, but the difference will be in knowing "which witch is which", if get what I mean. 

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