Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Divide and Conquer

Today I am handing out (to my math class) the test from last week regarding long division. I decided to go one way or the other on this one: Pass or Fail. Pass if they apparently get long division, but fail if they didn't. But this fail isn't a "failure" fail, this is a "you need to keep trying at this until you can get it" kind of situation.

If your child is one of the latter, then I will be handing them some division practice tonight. As soon as they are ready, I will re-quiz them on this again and again until they get it. I will go over the steps again in class today.

This will be in addition to the other Math lessons, as we are moving forward. But it will be important that kids know how to do long division, as you know. As you also know, the steps can be a little hard to memorize for many people.

While they're doing this at home tonight, if they start to forget again, here are some really useful links that could help them out. Here is one from Soft Schools. Here is another from Khan Academy.

We will get this situation figured out. It's not the first year people have been baffled by this rite of passage through which everyone must go.


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