Monday, November 11, 2013


Above is a photo I took at school of my computer monitor. On it is a lengthy blog post...the beginning of it is now on the post just below this one. The rest of it, however, wouldn't save because my school computer became disconnected from the internet for some reason. It was down for the rest of the day, or at least as long as I was there. I just wanted to prove that yes, I did try to post the spelling list. And yes, I did try to amend the thing about the Social Studies test.

Upon further reflection, I think I may change the date of the Math test as well. We're a little ahead, and today's exit slip told me that we need to go back and revisit today's lesson. The test won't be on Thursday or Friday, most likely, but it will probably be early next week. I will let you know as soon as I can feel things out.

Apologies about the lack of post before now.

Also, my last paragraph in the photo above says something like this: I am not completely heartless. I fully plan on posting pictures from the Veterans' Day program. The kids did a fantastic job today. I had many staff members tell me that this was the most clearly-spoken, the most confident, and the most professional the show has ever been. My direction does not change from year to year. What has changed is the kids. Yes, in the past I've had a few stand-out speakers, but this year this show was completely without a dud. Best of all, everyone showed honor and respect for the veterans.

Tomorrow I will try to post all the photos I took during the earlier practice as well as information regarding our special visitor to the class as well as the stuff that Katelyn C. brought in from her grandfather.

And before it's too late, I want to wish Nick C. a happy birthday today! I really appreciate you coming in and doing the program on your birthday, Nick. And of course, it was just like you that we didn't hear about it until today on the announcements. You're a great and humble guy, Nick. We hope your birthday was as awesome as you are.

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