Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Like Patchwork

For tomorrow:
  • Most of the kids still have to do their state reports. These were done mostly in class, but I told some kids they may need to hook up over the phone or something to get plans finalized this afternoon/evening. 
  • Study Link 6.3.
  • Read for 20 minutes, as always.
  • We will have a short Caesar's English quiz tomorrow over our roots (de-, com-, and -ist). 
  • The final draft of their Secret Origins are due tomorrow. 
  • Tomorrow are our Fall Parties. This is something we will do after lunch, and ours is being put on by Mrs. Hurdle, Mrs. Elshire, Mrs. Baier, and Mrs. King. Thanks, ladies! I will make most certain that the kids are behaved for you.

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