Thursday, November 14, 2013

Normal Being Relative

"Well, at least tomorrow will be a normal day."

That's what I said as the kids were leaving yesterday after a week including the Veterans' Day program, the Carmel Symphony, the Book Fair, and the BizTown interviews. I kind of forgot about the possible ramifications the Book Fair as well as a visit today from Mrs. Shearman would have. But both the Book Fair and Mrs. Shearman's visit were extremely positive things, so I'm not going to complain about that one bit.

And miracle of miracles, we did get quite a bit of it finished.

Forget my overly-ambitious post at the start of the week with the information about the Theme Test tomorrow and the Math test today. We will get those things finished in due time.

Two things tomorrow:

1. Spelling Test over the BizTown words. Here are those words since they wouldn't post on Monday:


Please make sure to review the meanings of these words while you're studying for the test. We will go over them in class again before, but it will certainly help to talk about them in review.

2. Tomorrow the kids should look nice and snazzy (second time in a week...) for their BizTown interviews. We have talked about the importance of them smiling, having a good handshake, and an audible voice. They've filled out their final drafts for their job applications. Everyone should be good to go. 

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