Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Spectrum

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a great spring break, and that everyone is ready to head back into action for a couple more months before the end time arrives.

As normal, the week we come back from break is Wellness Week at Woodbrook. Luckily, our spirit theme days aren't hard this time, and won't require any extra output on your kids' (or your) part. Here are the theme days for this coming week:
  • Monday: Red Day
  • Tuesday: Blue Day
  • Wednesday: Orange Day
  • Thursday: Green Day
  • Friday: Neon Day
I'm not sure I actually have any neon shirts, but I may be surprised by what I find in my closet. But everything else? I think I'm good to go.

Okay, it's a beautiful day, so I'm going to head out now. 

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