Friday, April 14, 2017

Wheel In the Sky Keeps On Turning

Profoundest apologies for the lack of informative posts this week. I have been busier than normal, with all kinds of meetings, tutoring, and transition meetings and observations at Clay Middle.

This week, we have been discussing the Bill of Rights in class quite a bit. The kids have done pretty well with this, and it has led to some pretty profound discussions about what people have the right to do vs. what people really should do.

In Math, we have talked about volume, as you know. The crazy thing is that, because of ISTEP, we will not have Math for nine days. The students in our classes have their ISTEP testing times all throughout the day because of a limited amount of computers and/or bandwidth for the testing, and that tangles us all up in a way that there is just no time to do it. I think I may do some Math review with my homeroom during some of those ISTEP days just so that everybody doesn't get too many mathematical cobwebs in their brains before we get back together with our limited amount of days remaining.

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