Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For Good and For Ill

Today, we made diagrams of crickets and earthworms before we start our terrariums after spring break. The kids had time to work on their vocabulary journals; we actually read some more of the book The Kid Who Ran For President, and the people who are still working on their skits had the chance to work on those as well. We watched a video about animal adaptations, and the kids had the chance to share their preposition projects (from a couple weeks ago...arrgh!).

We haven't done too much that's new, because we have had many students absent! Like I have said, I really do appreciate you keeping your kids home if they are ill. Well, the plague has hit Woodbrook in one way or another. Today we started out with five kids absent, ended up with six absent, and then the end of the day had one sick kid down at the nurse. These are queasy days in 5-1, and I think everyone just needs to have a nice break to get back in good health.

Rest up, ye weary!

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