Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Today we all survived Day 2 of the ISTEP online portion of the tests, and I think it went pretty well. All of the kids finished their tests (am I allowed to say that? I will be taken by handcuffs tomorrow if that's going to far...actually, just joking about that may be too far...maybe I'd just better shut up).

We also began our Radio Dramas today. It will be a couple weeks before they present these to the class. They have lots of scripts to go over as well as sound effects to come up with in the meantime!

Here the kids are practicing:

We will also continue, God willing, our preparations on our terrariums tomorrow, including dispelling a myth or two about certain animals.

This video will give the kids a little heads-up about a few of them we'll be discussing tomorrow:

So yeah, there's 5-1 in a nutshell the last couple days. More to come, as always!

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