Friday, April 28, 2017

There's Something Fantastic About That, Isn't There?

As a reward for the kids' completion of ISTEP, and for their hard work throughout the rest of the ISTEP days as I tried my hardest to find ways to fill that time without any homework where the kids were still challenged and without quizzes or tests where the kids were still invested in what they were doing, I showed them The Fantastic Mr. Fox today. I love this movie, and usually I reserve it for the last day of school.

I have this poster in my classroom that features a wolf from the end of the film. I think it's awesome. Selfishly, I just wanted the kids to connect to it before the last day of school this year. Above the image, it simply says, "Good luck out there."

It's a great movie by Wes Anderson, and if you're familiar with him, you know exactly how this movie felt, in a kid-friendly kind of way.

It's also a movie about being different, midlife crises, and learning to be appreciative of what we have. It was a great movie to watch on a cloudy, cruddy day.

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