Friday, April 21, 2017


Happy Birthday, Anna!

Anna joined us back in what--Septrmber? October?--but pretty much since day one, it's like she has been here all along.

She is a one of those people who is nice to everyone, nobody ever complains about working with her, and she is always in a great mood.

In addition to this, she is a really bright girl, too. I remember back when she first came here, I was worried that they were going to take her and put her in sixth grade math, because she immediately became one of my go-to people for the right answers in that class.

I'm sorry that you had such a chaotic day at school for your birthday, Anna, but by now, I'm sure you're used to it. I hope it was a good one, because you deserve it.

Happy Birthday once again, Anna. I hope your weekend is a great one. Rest up, because we have more craziness coming next week!

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