Sunday, April 23, 2017


Noah Swallow, I realized today that not only is it your birthday, but I also didn't take your picture! Don't worry, I will edit this one with a picture taken tomorrow.

Noah is a kid who loves his science. You should watch him come alive when we are doing science. He is a kid who knows much more than he says, and that is very refreshing in this day and age. You don't get kids like him too often anymore.

He is very creative in a gear-head kind of way. He is a builder, and kids will seek him out and actually listen when he talks when they are building something. Noah is going to do very well in school next year, where he will be able to take advantage of classes involving engineering and creating things. I will be very anxious to see how he does throughout the rest of his years in school, because from here on out, he will only have more opportunities.

Happy Birthday, Noah! I hope it was terrific. You deserve it, man. See you tomorrow--and I will get your picture for sure!

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