Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Under the Transit of Venus

Forgive the low-light photography from today, but we really did have a nice (and very educational) time at the planetarium today. I told Mrs. Stemnock and Mrs. Loeffler that this was definitely a "better than average" trip.

This may not sound like much, but it's actually saying something for any time you have to take your kids, count them as they get on the bus, can't take your mind off the fact that you are responsible for them at all seconds, count them as they enter and exit the room, count them once again as they get on the bus, then again off the bus, and have to not only take the medical bag and remember who all needs what, but also are responsible for written tabulations for all entering buses and buildings, exits from all buses and buildings, and immediately are asked accusingly by a secretary after returning how you could possibly not know where your students are after one of them goes to the bathroom upon return.

And all of the kids filled out their pages correctly! (Almost all...but we fixed it.)

We then talked Constitution; the Old Farmer's Almanac--moon phases, you know; and worked in some quotation marks to review.

Oh, and today was Pi Day! We learned about that as well.

Good day. Glad the field trip is over, but a good day nonetheless.

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