Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Page In Time

This grammar nerd loved it today while we were working on a page of direct objects as a class. A few kids pointed out that, instead of direct objects, the worksheet was using objects of the preposition. This is a fine line, and I was happy that they figured it out. For instance, in the sentence, Rob drove up the hill., according to this page, hill was the direct object. After just a couple days learning about this, my students were able to figure out that hill wasn't the direct object, and that in fact this sentence didn't even contain a direct object. Rob didn't drive the hill; it didn't even say what he drove.

We also did ISTEP this morning. At 25 minutes, it was just a quickie. Tomorrow is the writing part, so that will be the long one, timing in at an hour ten. Luckily, we have been writing quite a bit in class, and the kids are used to churning out ideas.

Today in science, we are going to watch part two of a film about the exploration of space through satellites and telescopes. I'm trying to go easy on them since we are in the midst of the tedium of ISTEP. (How's that for three consecutive prepositional phrases?)

It's actually hard to believe that this week is almost halfway over. I figured, honestly, that it would be a very tedious week, but so far, not so.

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