Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stars My Destination

Here's a quick look ahead at this week:
  • We will have spelling this week! The list is to your left, just in case you/your child forgets his/hers at school/on the bus.
  • We will have a quiz on Wednesday regarding direct objects. We've done this in class quite a darn bit lately, and we will continue to do so on Monday and Tuesday this week as well. 
  • Permission slips are due on Friday for next Tuesday's brief trip to the Planetarium. They were sent home on Friday, so if your child doesn't have his or hers, make sure they bring it home soon...very soon.
  • The kids will be typing up their memoirs in the computer lab on Wednesday. I am looking forward to finally wrapping this project up so that I can grade them--and more importantly, to read what they have written in its final form. 
I have a meeting tomorrow after school, so I probably won't get a post written right after school, FYI. 

Have a great week!

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