Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bullet Points

  • Today we continued learning about the Constitution in Social Studies. We talked about the three branches, and the limits of each one. 
  • In Math, we did some discounts and we even learned how to calculate tips. We will do a bit more of this tomorrow, only with a few tricks to make estimating them a bit easier. 
  • We have a quiz tomorrow on direct objects with some indirect objects thrown in as well.
  • Don't forget that the preposition project is due next Monday!
  • Finally, the permission slips for next week's trip to the Planetarium at the high school are due on Friday! Get them in!
That's about all I have for now. I have papers to grade before the new season of The Americans starts.


Erin said...

I saw your blog post from your FB page. I miss the days reading from Vaughn...I do visit from time to time. :) But don't you mean you were getting ready to watch This is Us? ;) ~ Erin PS Vaughn says "Hello"

Jeff said...

I haven't checked out This Is Us, but it does seem to be the rave of so many people I know and respect! The Americans is the first show that I've been anxious to watch the day it comes out in a long time.

I hope Vaughn is doing well. And it makes me happy that I still have people who check in to see what's going on in Area 51. It tells me that at least someone is reading this!