Sunday, February 5, 2017

Willing To Fly

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Superbowl this evening, and is full of chili like me. What an ending. I don't think we are likely to hear the end of this one from Patriots fans any time soon.

After school on Friday, I was incredibly relieved that the week was over.

It wasn't a particularly trying week because of the students or anything like that. It was mostly that I knew it was going to be an abnormal week, me being out on Wednesday afternoon, Clay visiting to observe in the classroom on Tuesday, Clay visiting Wednesday morning to schedule with the kids, having Colonial Days on Friday making everyone a little bit more on edge, me getting sick during the middle of the week, and just lots of little things like that which threw everyone off for a good chunk of the week. Luckily the kids did just great.

This week doesn't look like it's going to be all that much better for my schedule, but I think we are mostly back to the status quo in the classroom. I will be out for a small portion of Wednesday to visit Clay with Mr. Vahle, but as far as I know right now, that's about it as far as the classroom will be affected. Anyway, we will have a spelling test this week as normal. I will hand out a Social Studies test tomorrow which will be due Friday (this is a take-home test, and they may use their books).

I was in the school today trying to get everything set up and refreshed a little bit. We have a schedule on the board and we're set for the week. Talk soon.

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