Sunday, February 5, 2017

Credit Where It's Due

I want to publicly thank all of the Colonial Day volunteers who came on Friday to help make it possible: Mrs. Mock, Mrs. Ohrvall, Mr. and Mrs. Sell, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Keen, Mrs. Delaby, Mrs. Goodburn, Mrs. Strines, Mrs. Swallow, and last but far from least, Mrs. Brink. Mrs. Brink has set the standard for a well-run program with the kids where they need to be at all times. It's such a nice day to spend just walking around and checking everything out and talking with the kids and parents in a much more relaxed way than a typical school day.

Thank you, everyone! It was a fantastic day.

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Nik Brink said...

Thanks so much Mr. Carter! Colonial Days is such a fun and great day for the volunteers, staff and students. It is so much fun to interact with the students and see their craft projects. I am so sad that it was my last colonial day but the director binder I put together will have my info in it and I am always willing to come back in and help wherever and whenever needed. Woodbrook has been such a wonderful experience for my girls that it is a bittersweet end. I am extremely thankful for all the teachers that Woodbrook has. Ella loves having you as a teacher, so I thank you for all of your dedication and hard work.