Monday, February 27, 2017

Virus? You Hardly Know Us!

During this time of the nasty virus/cold/flu/bacterial infection that is literally plaguing the area, I can't help but note that it is also ISTEP time. I want to say, on behalf of the class, please don't send your child in to school if they are sick.

Yes, it is important to be in school during ISTEP testing--this means don't schedule appointments during this time if it's at all possible. But for illness, we have ways of fixing that situation. We will make sure the testing is made up when they come back. They will not miss out on any testing.

Not only do we want to keep the germs away from the classroom as much as possible, but if your child is sick, they aren't in the condition to do their best on the test, either.

Illness isn't fun.

ISTEP isn't fun.

Two bad tastes taste even worse together.

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