Sunday, February 28, 2016

From the Woodbrook Mathletic Department

I fear that I am long overdue in posting a congratulations to the Math Bowl team members of 5-1. I had meant to take a picture of them to post before Thursday evening before the competition, and when I forgot to do that, I had also intended to take one on Friday. Neither of those actually happened, as you well know, but still, I want to give a hearty slap on the back to 5-1's Miles Andrews, Parisa Shirani, and Gavin Fleming! Also, I firm handshake goes out to Jacob Bailey, who is in my Math class. The team for 2nd place, with only our dreaded foes at Prairie Trace beating out Team WB. (Just kidding; I know folks at PT, and they're pretty swell. And they're also really good at math.)

I'm posting this from my iPad, and I copied the picture of the team from Twitter, but I can't figure out how to get it from there to here right now. I could probably get one of our first grade buddies to show me how it's done...

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