Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You'll Have to Excuse Her

Today I handed out the calendars for their research projects. I told them that it has been broken down into nice little chunks, and that I would teach them everything I want them to know as we go through it.

I handed out a study guide for the kids' Social Studies today. The test will be taken THIS FRIDAY. They also have page 38 in their white pages. Both of these assignments are due on Thursday.

In Math, we are doing Order of Operations, a.k.a. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Study Link 7.5 is due tomorrow. I gave the kids a handout to help them with these types of problems. Aunt Sally is something of a mathematical expert, so you have to follow her rules.

The following message ASSUMES that tomorrow we will NOT have a two-hour delay due to extreme bitter cold, typhoon, dust storms, or the Johnstown Flood. DRESS FOR SUCCESS tomorrow because it's BizTown! BRING a completely disposable sack lunch. DON'T bring anything to drink. BRING your own good minds. BE READY to have a successful business.

It will be fun.

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