Thursday, January 23, 2014

Achtung, Baby!

HERE are the biggies today:
  • Tomorrow the kids will have a Social Studies test! We went over their study guides in class, but I did not have time to check them myself. Hopefully they made corrections as we went over them. I did have fewer than half of my students with their homework completed today. Out of 25 students, I had only 12 with all of their work complete. This was the study guide and page 38 in their white pages, and it was assigned on Tuesday so that they would have two nights to get it finished. I was happy two or three of my students used their resources and contacted each other to get the information needed to complete the homework. I told the class that, out of respect for those students, I would not accept excuses for not having it finished or not having it with them today. Hopefully this is a "lesson learned" situation. Anyway, TEST TOMORROW. 
  • Tomorrow the kids also need to have at least 60 blank notecards. I will show them how I want them to take notes on their research projects. 
  • My Math class does have two things for tomorrow: the order of operations page and the study link. 

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