Monday, January 13, 2014

Notification Station

CORRECTION: Today I received an email saying that tomorrow is Everybody Counts. It's not. It's next week.*

ITEM: You should have received a permission slip today for both 1.) the field trip to the Planetarium on Wednesday of this week, and 2.) the trip to BizTown next Wednesday, January 22. PLEASE FILL OUT BOTH SIDES. IF YOUR CHILD HAS ONLY ONE FILLED OUT, THEY CAN ONLY GO ON THAT ONE, NOT BOTH!

Sorry for the all-caps. I hate that, because it feels like you're being yelled at. It's just really important, and I know we don't normally do them that way.

More to come.

*EDIT: Sorry, but Everybody Counts has been postponed until further notice. As far as I can tell, they're waiting to see when the most parent volunteers can make it, since the new date would put it too close to BizTown to have all the parents needed. I assure you, we WILL be having it sometime in the next couple of months, but with both BizTown and Colonial Days coming right up, we have to be careful not to overload the parent volunteers. We are in a busy busy time of year.

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